Our clients can benefit from our integrated logistics network that will provide you in 24 hours with fastest and cheapest solutions for your supply chain.

Geographical area of BELISAR Logistics’operations covers primarily the regions of Central and Southeastern Europe, North and West Africa and Southwest Asia with a constant expansion to other global markets.

Long-term development of the Group’s business operations in the regions of Southeasthern Europe (SEE) and Western Africa and Southwestern Asia (MENA) has resulted in opening of a number of subsidiaries in these regions which the Group uses in order to manage the development in other regions.

The services provided by an integrated system of logistics companies include:

  • Organization of delivery and dispatch of goods by road, rail, river, sea and overseas;
  • Storage and insurance of goods in our own customs and warehouse facilities;
  • Transportation and shipping of goods;
  • Import and export customs clearance of goods;
  • Monitoring and control of the flow of goods;
  • Insurance of goods in international traffic.

We offer our clients a number of advantages in the integrated logistics services management system:

  • Integrated solutions for various industries;
  • Customized and flexible logistics services and transport services;
  • Integration of different parts of the supply chain.
BELISAR Logistics geographic coverage
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • North and South America