Warehousing and storage

BELISAR Logistics pays special attention to storage services in the modern logistics centers that correspond to different types of commodities and where temperature is adjustable.

Our warehouses are automated and we offer to our clients the services of controlled storage and preservation of goods, whereas the warehouse management systems allow us to quickly prepare and deliver the goods.

We have a storage capacity in a closed storage area of 5,000 m2 and an open storage area of over 2,000 m2.

In addition to our own, we have public bonded warehouses covering over 650 m2 of area.

Warehouse management is one of the key links of the supply chain and with it we provide our clients with a range of additional services:

  • Packaging and sorting of goods;
  • Labeling of goods;
  • Commissioning of goods;
  • Quantitative and qualitative control of goods;
  • Transport and distribution of goods;
  • Services of completion of customs procedure for goods.